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degrees offered: MS / PhD

The Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program focusing its research on advanced visualization and networking, computer graphics and interactive techniques through a unique blend of engineering, science, art and technology. EVL students receive MS and/or PhD degree through University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)’s Department of Computer Science. For more information on applying to the graduate program see the CS Graduate Admissions webpage.

The lab environment fosters formal and informal collaboration between students; artists and computer scientists share their expertise, while honing both their aesthetic and technical skill sets. This presents a unique opportunity for graduate students from diverse disciplines to develop sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities while becoming competent users/developers of advanced computer graphics technology.

Students, faculty and staff collaborate on large-scale projects for public events, as well as individual participation in art exhibitions, scientific demonstrations, paper presentations in conferences, symposiums, and festivals on a regular basis. Many students have the opportunity to engage in leading research and technology transfer activities with industry through research assistantships.

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