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Large-Scale Display Systems
LambdaVision - 105 Megapixel 55-panel tiled LCD display (11x5) driven by a 28-node 64-bit cluster. LambdaVision runs EVL’s Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE), a unification of hardware and software that allows seamless and simultaneous display of networked applications.

Cylindrical Varrier - autostereoscopic 35-panel tiled LCD display (7x5) with an InterSense IS-900 precision motion tracker, driven by an 18-node cluster with dual Xeon processors.

Autostereoscopic Workstations
Dynallax - PureDepth MLD3000 stacked display with an InterSense IS-900 precision motion tracker, driven by a 3-node cluster with dual Xeon processors.

Personal Varrier - two systems; each built with one Apple 30” cinema display, three tracking PointGrey tracking cameras, five infrared illuminators, two Unibrain teleconferencing cameras, a ClearOne echo-canceling microphone, speakers and a Wanda. A dual processor Linux-based machine runs the system / display and two dual processor Windows-based PCs drive the face tracker. The traveling system has a Flock of Birds for hand tracking.

Active and Passive Stereo Systems
C-Wall - two hand and head tracked, rear-projection, passive stereo VR systems.

ImmersaDesk4 - two 4 Megapixel passive stereo displays, each with two 30” Apple monitors and driven by a 64-bit graphics workstation; one system has a short-range Flock of Birds for head and hand tracking.

PARIS (Personal Augmented Reality Immersive System) - drafting table sized augmented VR workstation with a short-range Flock of Birds for head and hand tracking and a PHANTOM haptic device for tactile force feedback.

Tiled Display LCD Workstations
CoreWall - 10 Megapixel 5-panel horizontally tiled LCD display driven by a single workstation.

Development Tiled Displays - two 8 Megapixel 4-panel tiled LCD displays (2x2) driven by a 3-node 64-bit cluster.

LambdaTable - 23 Megapixel 15-panel tiled LCD display (5x3) mounted horizontally like a tabletop, and driven by a 9-node cluster. Two cameras with infrared filters are mounted above the display for optical tracking of physical interaction devices.

802.11g wireless
Gigabit Ethernet

Local, Regional, National and International Optical Connectivity
University of Illinois at Chicago has a persistent 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connection to the University of Washington in Seattle and the University of California in San Diego via its own private wavelength on the National LambdaRail infrastructure. The CAVEwave link is dedicated to networking research and development. It is also available to transport experimental traffic between Federal agencies, international research centers, and corporate research projects that bring 1-10 GE wavelengths to Chicago, Seattle, and San Diego. The CAVEwave can be used to prototype and measure applications that can be moved to production later on, mitigating the risk of early adoption by mission critical users.

StarLight is an advanced optical infrastructure and proving ground for network services optimized for high-performance, large-scale national and global applications. Operational since summer 2001, StarLight has 1GE and 10GE switch / router facilities and true optical switching for wavelengths. StarLight is being developed by the EVL at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), the International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) at Northwestern University, and the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory, in partnership with Canada’s CANARIE and the Netherlands’ SURFnet.

OMNInet - Optical Metro Network Initiative
The Optical Metro Network Initiative OMNI project was established to create a reference model for a wide-range of next generation metro communication services, based on advanced photonic technologies. OMNI is an inter-organizational cooperative research partnership. As part of this program, the research partners, including the International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) at Northwestern University, Nortel, SBC, EVL at UIC, the Math and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory, and Canada’s CANARIE have created the world’s most advanced metro network testbed (OMNInet), based on leading-edge photonic technology, including lambda switching.

I-WIRE - Illinois Wired / Wireless Infrastructure for Research and Education
I-WIRE is a state of Illinois-funded dark-fiber network connecting Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois Century Network, Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s National Center for Supercomputing Applications. I-WIRE provides point-to-point lambda services between I-WIRE sites with a minimum of one 2.5Gbps lambda connectivity to StarLight.

University of Illinois at Chicago is a member of Abilene - the national advanced network of Internet2 that links major U.S. universities and research centers. Abilene is a proving ground for high-bandwidth technologies.

  • Dual 800MHz CPU Mac G4 System w/ DVD burner & Video RAID
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Apple DVD Studio Pro
  • SONY NTSC / PAL DVCAM recorders
  • SONY S-VHS editing decks
  • SONY HI-8 recorder
  • SONY 3/4” U-Matic player
  • SONY BetaCAM recorder
  • Sony DCR PC-120 miniDV camcorder
  • Canon XL-1 miniDV camcorder
  • Manfrotto (Bogen) tripods w/ fluid heads
  • Mac G4 Sound Editing System
  • Marantz portable DAT recorder
  • Panasonic DAT recorders
  • Korg N264 synthesizer
  • Genelec studio speakers
  • Crown PCC microphones
  • Vega wireless system with Countryman Isomax mic
  • Lectrosonics phone interface connection
  • 16 channel / 8 channel Mackie audio mixers

Additional Lab Resources
  • Personal AG single-machine Access Grid node
  • Three HD cameras; two 1080i and one 720p
  • Four 50” plasma panels, two with touch screens
  • Apple G5 for media production (Maya, Final Cut Studio, scanner)
  • 7.1 surround sound system
  • Various high-end 64-bit graphics workstations
  • Two Polycom teleconferencing systems
  • Onyx2
  • Anechoic chamber
Lambda Vision


Rain Table

Varrier Mars

Personal Varrier

Core Wall


Final Cut Suite