Aquasphere was a collaboration between myself and a very talented programmer, Bor-Tyng Lin. This application was an experiment in trying to create a very realistic environment by using complex models than texture maps. The results were very favorable. This early experiment paved the way for the more realistic VR experience in "Mitologies."

This was the opening scene to Aquasphere. The application was part of a VR compilation for Siggraph '96 and Ars Electronica.

This is an image of my interpretation of a temple from the Lost City of Atlantis. According to mythology, Atlantis was a Greek City engulfed by the sea. Notice the simple architecture, fashioned after the Pantheon. The columns of the temple are dolphin shaped.

Bor programmed behavior for all of the underwater wildlife. This included various sharks, schools of fish, manta rays, and sea anemone. Each of these animals have specific behavior to bring them to life. Interaction between user and agents is also present.

This scene shows how a shark corals schools of fish for a feeding frenzy.

Other objects also call this environment home, such as this shipwreck and minisub. Creation of these objects was time consuming, the objects as a seen