Project X - Directions  

Due - 5/2/12 at 10:30am Chicago time

Project X is an extra project for those that need to improve their score on Project 1 to bring their class scores up. Anyone who didn't get a passing grade on Project 1 should complete this assignment to pass the course.

As with Project 1 this assignment will use QML ( with the same assumptions: touch screen display size of 7.75 inches x 5.75 inches at 1024 x 768 pixels (i.e. roughly iPad 1/2 specs) and you should use landscape orientation by default for your interface.

This time the interface that you will be creating will allow a user with a pad who walks into a building to immediately get a portable directory showing what offices are in the building, giving the user a map of the different floors, allowing the user to search for particular people by name or department and get public information about that person, their office number, their phone number, and directions to their office. The user should also be able to choose a department from a list of departments in the building, and get a list of people (staff and faculty) that work there. The user should also be able to search by face in case the user knows what someone looks like but not his/her name.

For this assignment we will make some simplifying assumptions. We will focus on SEO. While the interface should list all of the departments in SEO, you only need to put full details in on the Department of Computer Science and those people with offices in SEO.

This is an individual project, not a team project. It is expected that all of the code used in these programs will be written by you. You can use code from the web as examples and a guide to writing your code, but the code you turn in for the project must be your own.

Any code, images, icons, or other elements borrowed from others must be fully cited in your application itself, in the README file along with your source code, and on your webpages.

Your project should be able to run in the qml viewer application on windows / mac / linux. It does not need to run on an actual pad, but the interface should support the kind of interaction you would expect on a pad. It does not need to connect to an external database with information on the various food items, it could read that information from a local file, but if you implement an external web/cloud-based database it would be a bonus.

If you implement all of the functionality above with a serviceable user interface then you get a C. The B and A grades depend on the quality of the user interface that you create.

The turn in requirements are basically the same as Project 1

You should create a set of public (available to anyone) web pages that describe your work on the project. This should include:

all of which should have plenty of screenshots with meaningful captions. Web pages like this can be very helpful later on in helping you build up a portfolio of your work when you start looking for a job so please put some effort into it.

You should also create a 2-3 minute YouTube video showing the use of your application including narration with decent audio quality. That video should be in a very obvious place on your main project web page. The easiest way to do this is to use a screen-capture tool while interacting with the application, though you will most likely find its useful to do some editing afterwards to tighten the video up. Its also a good idea to have a video like this available as a backup during your presentation just in case of gremlins.

The web page including screen snapshots and video need to be done by the deadline so be sure to leave enough time to get that work done. Once you have your webpage done, send the URL to the TA before the deadline.

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