CS 422 - Spring 2017 Final Exam

Bed, Bath and Begonias contacts you and wants to make a product out of your mirror from Project 2. They like the idea of being able to use the mirror as a display but a dedicated large touch screen would be too expensive, so they want to sell a small projector that could be attached to a wide variety of mirrors that people already have in their homes.

Instead of a touch screen the device will have a turn-able dial that also acts as a push button, and five 100-pixel by 100-pixel 1" / 2.5 cm square OLED buttons. This allows the user to turn the dial, push the dial as a round button, or press any of the other five square buttons. The system can draw graphics across the surface of the mirror using the wide angle projector, and can change the image displayed on each of the five square buttons.

The user can attach this device to the top, bottom, left, or right side of their mirror and the graphics it displays will fill the mirror in the appropriate orientation.

You should think about how you would adapt the interface for Project 2 to create an intuitive interface for this form factor. You should use ideas from your Project 2 design and implementation as well as ideas from other groups and the general design principles we talked about in class.
Your solution should be written in the form of a user manual. When the person takes the mirror attachment out of its packaging and starts to set it up they should be able to use your user manual to understand its features and get it set up and running happily and be able to use all its major features.

You should also annotate your user manual to highlight those areas that show:

You can use your electronic devices on this assignment and/or pencil/pen and paper. If you are hand writing your solution please make sure it is readable. You can connect to the internet to look up resources, but all work must be done on your own. At the end of the exam you can either turn in physical paper or email a PDF to andy (ajohnson@uic.edu) or use a USB thumb drive. If you do email something, be sure that andy has received it and responded before you leave. Please make sure your full name is clearly identifiable on what you hand in

You have a limit of 6 double-sided pages for your solution (whether hand written or PDF) at roughly 10-12 point font. You can certainly use more pages for initial sketches and getting your ideas organized, but I will only look at the first 6 double-sided pages (or 12 single-sided pages) that you turn in.

I highly suggest you spend some time thinking about various alternatives before starting to write your solution.