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User Interface Design and Programming

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Here is a list of the references that I used to create my notes for this class:


Don Norman The Design of Everyday Things 0-385-26774-6
Don Norman Things that Make Us Smart 0-201-62695-0
Mullet, Sano Designing Visual Interfaces 0-13-303389-9
Ben Schneiderman Designing the User Interface 3rd ed. 0-201-69497-2
Card, Moran, Newell The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction 0-898598591
Dix, Finlay, et al Human Computer Interaction 2nd ed. 0-13-239864-8
Laurel The art of human computer interface design 0-201-51797-3
Richard Saul Wurman Information Anxiety (currently out of print)
Richard Saul Wurman Information Architects (currently out of print)
Edward R. Tufte The Visual Display of Quantitative Information 0-9613921-0-X
Edward R. Tufte Visual Explanations 0-9613921-2-6
Edward R. Tufte Envisioning Information 0-9613921-1-8
Will Eisner Comics and Sequential Art 0-961472812
Andre Balland Catalue D'Objets Introuvables (currently out of print)



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