CS 422 – Spring 2008  Final Exam

This final exam is open book and open paper but no electronic aids (phones, laptops, etc), no telepathy, no time traveling, no twins (evil or otherwise) allowed.

Question 1 (of 1)

In class we spent a fair amount of time working on multiple designs for the iLarm clock. For this question we will assume that your work on this came to the attention of a major video game manufacturing company that would like to sell even more of their hardware. This company would like you to come up with a version of the iLarm clock that is better suited to their hardware, which is shown on the next page.

The functionality requirements are basically the same for this new version of the iLarm clock, but the difference in the hardware means a redesigned interface is needed. One difference is that the user will buy sets of mp3s on cards rather than using a usb interface to transfer them. You should assume that when the device is turned on it will automatically run the iLarm software so everything will be set and controlled using your interface.

You can assume that this device will be marketed across North America (US, Canada, Mexico) so it should support English, French, and Spanish, though you only need to describe the English version in detail.

Your redesign will be presented in the form of a user manual that shows a first-time user how to set up and use the device, the kind of document that starts out with ‘Thank you for buying your new … .’ You may also want to add some footnotes explaining why you designed things the way you did.

I highly recommend that you think about the problem and do some rough designs for 30 to 60 minutes, and then spend the rest of the time writing up your organized readable answer. Stream of consciousness answers are not a good idea; organized thoughts and writing are a good idea.

2 Screens
     each 256 x 192 pixels at 62mm x 46 mm
     lower screen is a touch screen
     stylus only, not fingers on touch screen

     4-point D-pad, X, Y, A, B, start, select
     power switch

- built in wi-fi, microphone, stereo speakers
- assume the DS is always plugged in
- removable card holds 256 MB of music files