Project 5

I Did it My Way (the Sid Vicious version)

The goal of this project is for you to make use of what you have been learning in this class in a project of your choosing (subject to Andy's approval.)

This is a group project, but this time you get to pick your group and your topic. The teams can be from size 1 to 3, and the amount of work should scale appropriately. The topic and team member choice are due in a week. This should be in the form of a web page listing your group members and enough detail on your project that I can review it. You should include information on what data you are going to collect and how you are going to collect it, or information on where you are going to get the data from. It should also include some sketches on what the interface might look like, and what capabilities the user will have. What questions do you want to investigate with your interface?

Some possible ideas:

- Map the spread of old US TV shows to different countries around the world - e.g. how far did 'the A-team' spread and at what rate? I have no idea if this data is actually available.

- One Idea I had laying around for the user interface class was to create the 'crime computer' for UIC's very own super hero: Spontaneous Combustion and his/her sidekick Sparky. I think I even have a drawing of the hero somewhere by former student Arun Rao. Integrating and visualizing crime data at among other sites the superhero would know the best times and places to patrol.

- You could visualize your own email connections for the past few years as a social network graph.

- Similar to the imdb viz, you could do a visualization of all the music files you carry around with you and listen to, with statistics on genres, years, artists, total, and on a monthly basis.

- Mark SubbaRao will supply a data set with Emission Lines for Galaxies. More data is available here
the complete dataset (137 MB)is available at
and a paper talking about the plots is at

- MIT's Reality Mining project might be a nice dataset to look at:

- There are an increasing number of exo-solar planets that have been discovered with information about the size of the planet, its orbit, and the kind of star it orbits, which would allow comparisons to our solar system, and overall statistics -

- The enron email dataset is available if you want to do more social-network related work: and

- The data for Target and Wal-mart store openings in the US is available onlike at - maybe that could be combined with population data to look at average distance to a store, or demographics of the areas where stores are opened.

- There are a variety of movie related drinking games on the web where every time you see event X or hear someone say Y you take a drink (e.g. every time Rambo shoots someone, or every time someone says 'may the force be with you.') One could similarly chart each time these events occur on a timeline of the film to look for patterns and differences between different films. This one may require more personal research time since most of these events have not been time-coded. You could do something similar for episodes of a TV series over a season or follow a sptrs team through their season.

You should create a web page that describes your work on the project. I will be linking this web page to the course notes so please send me a 1024 x 768 jpg image of your visualization for the web. This should be named p5.<someone_in_your_groups_last_name>.jpg. Again, please make sure that your application is Mac / Windows / Linux compatible. Again, the web page should describe the contribution of each team member.

Each group will bring their visualization to class to present it and describe its features to the rest of the class. This time there will be two presentations. The first is a short interim presentation before Thanksgiving to get some feedback on your design and the current implementation from the class. The final presentation is during the final exam period.

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