Project 4

Radio Ga Ga

Project due at 9 pm 11/21/11 Chicago time

This will be the third group project. This project is going to focus more on the data processing side and getting data into a manageable form to interact with and draw some conclusions. This project will be more open-ended than the previous three.

In this project you will be able to form your own groups, preferably with three members.

As with Projects 2-3 you should also very quickly set up a web page for your group project and send the URL to andy. Each Friday of the project each team member should post on the project web site an overview of what he/she did on the project that week.

In this project we will take a look at some data from on their users and the music that they listen to.

The static files you will be using are located here:
and there is also the api

For a C you need ...

For a B you need to add ...

For an A you need to add ...

As with Projects 1-3  you should create a set of web pages describing your work on the application. This time instead of embedding the processing application you should have a link so people can download your application (and the necessary data files) to run your application. Please make sure that your application is Mac / Windows / Linux compatible. If you can get your app to run online through a browser then do include that version as well. The web pages should also describe the contribution of each team member (ie who worked on which interface elements, who worked on converting the data into a more usable form, etc.)

Please send me a 1024 x 768 jpg image of your visualization for the web. This should be named p4.<someone_in_your_groups_last_name>.jpg.

When the project is done, each person in the group should also send me a private email ranking your coworkers on the project on a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high) in terms of how good a coworker they were on the project. If you never want to work with them again, give them a 1. If this person would be a first choice for a partner on a future project then give them a 5. If they did what was expected but nothing particularly good or bad then give them a 3. By default your score should be 3 unless you have a particular reason to increase or decrease the number. Please confine your responses to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and no 1/3ds or .5s please. I will average out all these scores for projects 2 through 4 and keep them in mind when assigning final grades to projects 2 through 4.

Each group will present their work to the class and describe its features to the rest of the class. All team members are expected to participate equally in that presentation. Since there are 7 groups each talk will be 7 minutes long. Note the extra time for this one. During each talk each group in the audience should write 1 question for the speaking group, and hand it to them at the end of their presentation. The speaking group should add a page to their website by Thursday 11/24 giving the questions (and the group who asked it) and an answer to the question.

last revision 11/20/11