Viewer's Choice Presentation

Topic due 11/02 at 9:59pm Chicago time

Webpage due 11/16 at 9:59 pm Chicago time

Talks on 11/17 and 11/19 in class

We are going to spend the two class periods looking at visualizations that you think are particularly interesting.

First you should find an interactive visualization that you think is well done and interesting, and deep enough that you can effectively critique it.

One place to start looking might be at FlowingdData or gizmodo has an infographics tag .

You should pick something that has not been presented in the class before, or if the concept has been presented before it should be presented in a new way or from a different perspective. Choosing a visualization from the last year increases your odds of it being new.

Visualizations and data sources related to other countries would be much appreciated as those would give me a wider variety of visualizations to show future classes.

Once you have chosen a visualization email Andy with its location so it can be approved and we ensure that everyone is doing something different.

You should create a web page with a link to the original visualization and your discussion about the good features of the interactive visualization, and things that could be better about the visualization. Based on what we have talked about in class and what you have experienced in creating these kinds of applications, apply that knowledge to critique this visualization.
This should be a critical discussion of the value of the visualization: what is the data? how was it collected? what works and what needs improvement? who are the users that this visualization was made for? what questions do people want to ask? how can they find the answers with this tool? This discussion should include plenty of screen shots to back up your comments. In the past about 10 screenfulls of good text and images have been about right for an A in the critique,

Once you have your web page done, email its location to Andy and include a screen snapshot so we can link all the pages into the class webpages.

Each person will have 4 minutes to present the visualization and their critique in class.

last revision 10/20/15