Student's Choice Presentation

Topic due Friday 4/2/2021 at 8:59pm Chicago time

Web page and video due Friday 4/9/2021 at 8:59 pm Chicago time

We are going to spend four class periods looking at current interactive visualizations that you think are particularly interesting. This will give you a chance to use what you have learned in the class to critique that visualization, as a model for critiquing visualizations in the future.

First you should find an interactive visualization that you think is well done and interesting, and deep enough that you can effectively critique it. This could be a web page. It could be an app on your phone or watch or laptop, or on some other appliance or worn device. Maybe its in a car or on a bike. Ideally its related to something of interest to you, where you can bring your knowledge and experience to the critique. Note that just scrolling through a set of visualizations is not interactive enough. The user needs to be able to make choices, change settings, and alter the content of the visualization.

One place to start looking might be at FlowingdData or gizmodo has an infographics tag . You can also get some ideas from the kinds of things that have been critiqued in the past.

You should pick something that has not been presented as part of the lectures, or presented by the students before (see the list below), or if the concept has been presented before it should be presented in a new way or from a different perspective. Choosing a visualization from the last year increases your odds of it being new.
Visualizations and data sources related to other countries would be much appreciated as those would give me a wider variety of visualizations to show future classes.

Once you have chosen a visualization email Andy with its location so it can be approved and we ensure that everyone is doing something different.

You should create a web page with a link to the original visualization and your critical discussion about the interactive visualization. Based on what we have talked about in class and what you have experienced in creating these kinds of applications, apply that knowledge to critique this visualization.  This should be a critical discussion of the value of the visualization:

This discussion should include plenty of screen shots to back up your comments. In the past about 10 screenfulls of good text and images have been about right for an A in the critique.

Each person will have 5 minutes to present the visualization and their critique. Normally we would do this live in class, for this term we will do it through a YouTube video that you create and narrate. Give a link to your video on your webpage.

Once you have your web page done, email its location to Andy and include a picture of the visualization so we can link all the pages into the class webpages.

Here is a list off visualizations presented in the last few years- at minimum you should search for the title of your visualization to make sure it is not in this list before submitting it for approval.

2012 London Olympics - Medals Treemap
2014 DC Crime Map
35 Years of American Death
4 Letter Words
50 Years of Change
500 Cities Project: Local Data for Better Health
7 billion

A Day in the Life of Americans
A Day in the Life of the MBTA
A who's who guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
A World of Terror
About the Codex Atlanticus
All CPU Meter
American Migration
American Segregation, mapped at day and night
Animal Trade
Apple Health App
Atlas of Redistricting
Average Happiness in the US

Based on a True Story
BBC British History Timeline
Bestiario Research Flow
Big Mac Index
Bloomberg Billionaires
Bloomberg Industry Market Leaders

Cancer Today
Cardcaptor Sakura
Child Marriage
China Global Investment Tracker
CLAL Export Spotlight
CMAP Mobility
Coclear Carbon Disclosure Project
Converging Flight Paths
Counting the Hours
COVID-19 Tracker

deaths of children under 5 years due to diseases
Democrats are Doomed, or How a Big Tent Can Be Too Big
Digital Divide
Dreaming in Numbers
Drug Poisoning Mortality in the United States, 1999-2017

Economy Map
Elastic Lists - Nobel Prize Winners
Energy Technology Perspectives
Estimate Electricity Usage and Cost
Every Active Satellite Orbiting Earth
Explore Adventure

Facebook Privacy over Time
Facebook Stories
FIFA Development Globe
Financing Global Health
Find everywhere you can go in 15 minutes or less
Foreign-Born Population
Four Ways to Slice Obama's 2013 Budget Proposal

Galaxy of Covers
Global Commodities
Global COVID-19 Coronavirus Statistics
Global Corruption Barometer
Global Diplomacy Index

Global Economic Dynamics
Global Forest Watch
Globe of Economic Complexity
Golf Course Ranking Visualization
Good Governments Help People Succeed
Great Escape
Growth of Newspapers Across the US

Hawai'i Campaign Spending Data
Hewlett Foundation Grants
Homicide Rates in Mexico, 2017
Homicides in the District of Columbia
Honolulu City Budget
How Americans Die
How Educated are World leaders
How fast is LAFD where you live?
How much of your body is your own?
How the Recession Reshaped the Economy
Hubway Trip Explorer
Hungry Tech Giants

Immigrants and Migration in Poland
Income Mobility
Income x Education x Race
Indian Election Results (2014)
Innovation Barometer 2012
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation GBD Heatmap
Interactive State of the Union
Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance
Is It Better to Buy or Rent

Japanese-American Internment in WWII
Jobs Charted by State and Salary
Justice Map

Kindred Britain

language distribution map
Life Expectancy
Life Expectancy & Probability of Death
Lowly Institute Asia Power Index

Mapping Marijuana Sales
Mapping Migration in the United States
Mapping Motor Vehicle Collisions in New York City
Mapping the Nation's Well-Being
Measure of a Nation
Media Use in the Middle East
Meeting the Demand for Skilled Workers
Money Chart
Most Common Occupation by Age
Most Common Use of Time
Most Valuable Players
Music Timeline

National Unemployment
News Articles about the Mueller Investigation
NFL Gamecenter
NFL 2013-2014 Season Salaries
NFL Spider - link
NFL Superbowl: A History of NFL Seasons and Champions

Oakland Crimespotting
Obama's 2012 Budget Proposal
OECD Better Life Index
OECD Regional Statistics
OECD Regional Well-Being
Olympic Games Data
On Broadway
One Book, Many Readings
One Million Tweet Map
Opportunity Atlas

Pain at the Pump
Polar Bear Populations
Population Estimation Service
Power Ranges
Project Ukko

rail rider
RealClear Politics 2016 Republican Polls
Refugee Project
Replay #Worldcup2014 on twitter
Rhythm of Food
riot rumors
road accident in Medellin

Scale of the Universe
Seeing Music - the Shape of Song
Shifts in How Couples Meet
Small Arms Imports and Exports
Snake Oil Superfoods?
Social Media
Sputnik Legacy

Stages of Relationships, Distributed
Startup Universe
Stop, Question and Frisk in New York Neighborhoods
Super Zips
Superheroes Talent Lab

Tag Galaxy
TalentLab Superheroes
Terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting
Tobacco Viz
Top Movie Directors
Top World Cup Players on Facebook, Day by Day
Track National Unemployment, Job Gains and Job Losses
Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf
Travel Visa Inequality
Trends in Higher Education
Trends in Innovation
Trip Happy
Trulia Crime Map
Tweet Map

UFC Fighters & Refs Analytics
UHERO Equal Pay Dashboard
UK 2015 General Election Results
United States Gross National Happiness on Facebook
US Gun Deaths
US Health Map
US Migration

Visualization of the United State debt
Visualization Universe
Visualizing data from the Large Hadron Collider
Visualizing Emancipation
Visualizing How A Population Grows To 7 Billion
Visualizing MBTA Data
Visualizing our Future Selves
Visualizing The U.S. Electric Grid
Visualizing Yahoo Mail's Historical Browser Statistics
Water Quality in the United States
We Feel Fine
Websites of Member Ministries of Education
What Movie Should We Watch Tonight
What the World Eats
What They Know
When Do Americans Leave For Work? and How Americans Get to Work?
Where Athletes in the Premier League, the N.B.A. and Other Sports Leagues Come From
Where Do College Gradautes Work
Where Does My Money Go
Where is the 1%?
Where we came from and where we went, state by state
Where Your Job is Most Popular
Who Likes Whom in the Middle East
Who's Been Working in America?
Who Saves the Least Money
Wild Elephants
Wind and Words
World Above Us
World Cup Players
World Obesity
World of Records
World's Biggest Data Breaches

YouTube Trends Map

Agrawal, Piyush
Idaho Department of Labor
Baez, Brian
FCC Fixed Broadband Deployment
link web
Bhatt, Vivek
NHTSA Traffic Fatalities in Crashes Involving Speed
link web
Chen, Yi-Chun
nperf 3G/4G/5G coverage map
link web
Davidson, Will
NBA Advanced Stats

Ghuneim, Matthew
FLUVIEW Interactive
link web
Gonzales, Joshua Luis
US Wildfires in 2019
link web
Ibtasar, Rabia
Educational Opportunity in the US
link web
Johnson, Amal
Minimum Wage Tracker
link web
Kohli, Paras
link web
Khandwala, Herrit
Tracking US Drought Severity
link web
Lee, Ting-Shao
link web
Mach, Khang
Educational Services, Health Care & Social Assistance


Mara, Valo
Seeing CO2
link web
Mendoza-Avila, Hilda
Cook County Public Health COVID-19 Surveillance Data
link web
Mo, Jiajun
Sensor Tower
link web
Modi, Hiral Mahesh
unicef Immunization coverage estimates
link web
Perez-Serna, Jesus
US Census Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates
link web
Raza, Syed
United Kingdom: Coronavirus Pandemic Country Profile
link web
Repta, Jonathon
Where The Latest COVID-19 Models Think We're Headed And Why They Disagree
link web
Reyes, Yazmin
fashion's BLM reckoning was mostly bluster
Shumway, David
IDBac: Visualization of MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry data
link web
Suraminitkul, Eakasorn
link web


Tapia, Andres
Live Music Analyst
link web
Ziminski, Matt
COVID Vaccine Market Dashboard
link web

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