CS 424 - Visualization and Visual Analytics


CS 424 Introduces students to current techniques to visualize and interact with various kinds of data in various ways to get a better understanding of that data, and gives them the opportunity to use modern libraries to create interactive data visualization environments for others to use. It will give students the knowledge to critically interpret and judge visualizations created by others, as well as the professional skills of working in teams and presenting work to others.

Welcome to CS 424

CS 424 meets in room 2068 ERF which is located at the corner of Halsted and Taylor. The easiest way to get to this room is to go to the 2nd floor of SEL East. Then you can walk South (toward Taylor street), pass through two sets of dark brown doors, pass the elevators and restrooms on your left and hit the security door to ERF. This door should be open around class time. After that you can follow the signs on the walls to the left to 2068 ERF.

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