Week 5

Project 1 Presentations

We are going to spend a week looking at various ways that people visualized the data from Project 1. There are always multiple ways to solve a visualization problem and this lets you see several alternatives that you may not have thought of, or may have thought of but couldn't figure out how to implement. As you look at the interactive visualizations and listen to the presentations, compare the presenter's solution to yours. What did you do better? What did that person do better? How would you improve your solution based on what you are seeing?

I would prefer that every student presents their work to the class, but given the class size that will be impractical, so we will spend the Tuesday class after the project is due meeting in groups of 3-4 where each student will show their solution to their local group, and the group will discuss the merits of each solution. At the end of Tuesday each group will produce a web-based report on what the group liked about each solution and email the location of the page to andy. Be sure to include the names of everyone in your group at the top of the report.

Starting with this email, please give the email subject line for your homework / classwork emails to Andy or Saumya in the format HW_<week_number>_CS424

The group will also choose an overall favorite solution to present on Thursday.

On Thursday each group
will have 5 minutes (and 5 minutes only) to present their solution. Please rehearse your talk so you will be able to say everything you want to say in that time, but also effectively use all of the time. Finishing early is not good. Finishing over time is also not good.

You should try to form your 3-4 person teams for project 2 by the end of this week, email the names of the members to andy, and start working on your project. If you have a partial team you can email those names. If you want andy to add you to a team then you need to email andy. If you do not email about wanting to be in a team for project 2 then we will assume you are not interested in continuing in the course.

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