Week 6

Project 1 Presentations

We are going to spend a week looking at various ways that people visualized the data from Project 1. There are always multiple ways to solve a visualization problem and this lets you see several alternatives that you may not have thought of, or may have thought of but couldn't figure out how to implement. As you look at the interactive visualizations and listen to the presentations, compare the presenter's solution to yours. What did you do better? What did that person do better? How would you improve your solution based on what you are seeing?

This year we will do an asynchronous version of this over the next week. Each person should access the shiny site for 2 other unique project 1s that you think look interesting and run them yourself. For each of the 2 applications, write up a 1 page document (at least 500 words) on the things you liked about it. Be sure to identify who's project it is. Write up a third page on potential improvements to your Project 1 based on what you have seen in other people's projects. Turn in these pages through Gradescope.

These comments will not be used in the grading of the other students.

Note this has to be 2 other Project 1s where at least the basic functionality is there. You have access to people's websites and videos to make some initial decisions on the ones you want to take a look at.

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