Week 10

Project 2 Presentations

Note due 3/16 at noon Chicago time
Questions due 3/17 at 8:59 pm Chicago time
Answers due 3/19 at 8:59 pm Chicago time

The Project 2 webpage shows all of the solutions that were turned in and people should take a look through the video and web documentation.

Normally we would have several people present their work per day and do question and answer in class where good questions should be specific to the project just presented and show some thought. Generic questions like 'what would you do differently next time?' or 'what was the hardest part of the project' are NOT good questions.

Since we are socially distanced and asynchronous this term we will be doing this through Piazza. Each person should create a New Post of type Note for their project, with the Summary containing your full name, and tagged p2_feedback by noon Chicago time on Tuesday 3/16. I put a sample one into Piazza. After all the projects have been turned in, each person should take a look at other people's projects and then start a new followup discussion to post 1 question to each of 2 other people in the class. The questions should be thoughtful, specific to that project, and be good questions (see above). The questions can not be the same for multiple projects. The question can not have been asked of that project before. You should respond to any questions you receive with detailed answers.

People will be scored on the quality of the questions you ask and the quality of the answers you give to others. All of the questions should be answered before Friday March 19th at 9pm Chicago time, so please ask all of your questions before 9pm Chicago time on Wednesday March 17th to make sure people have time to answer.

Coming Next Time

Dynamic Data and Animation

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