Week 15

Project 3 Presentations

Each group will have 5 minutes to present their solution as we are going to have all of the talks in one day.

Please rehearse your talk so you will be able to say everything you want to say in that time.

We will handle questions about the projects in the same way as the last group project. You get points for asking thoughtful questions about the particular project not generic questions like "what did you learn?" or "What would you do differently next time?" or "what was the hardest part of the project?"

Also please remember to email Andy with your score for your partners.

Coming Next Time

That's up to you ... congrats to all the soon to be graduates. For those that are continuing on there are various other evl courses that you could take, as well as related courses in Communications, Psychology, and Art &Design. There are also quite a few open source libraries available for you to use, lots of new personal devices to get data from and give feedback on, and more and more data available.

Next term there is:

428 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

522 - Human-Computer Interaction

529 - Visual Data Science

last revision 4/30/19