Project X - Strange Museum

Proposal Due Saturday 11/30 at 8:59pm Chicago time
Application and Documentation Due Friday 12/06 at 8:59pm Chicago time

Project X is an optional project. Project 2 is an individual project.

Project X gives you the opportunity to replace the application and web score from your lowest scoring project of the first 2 projects in class.

Project X focuses on the creation of a immersive environment as a historical or pre-historical reconstruction that would be part of a museum exhibit to enhance the physical displays. That is you could do a reconstruction of a historical site where human beings once lived, or an exhibit on prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs, or an exhibit about the conditions on the early Earth. The historical reconstruction should also at least be 30 years old, and preferably a lot older than that.

Your exhibit should be historically accurate, based on current generally accepted scientific and historical records, and you should be able to cite scientific or historical references for your work. As a caveat, you could also create an exhibit on previous scientific theories that have been proven wrong, since those previous incorrect theories are still historical.

This project must be done individually and should have the same amount of work as a single person version of project 2. The work should be designed for the VIVE and will be tested on the VIVE in the classroom. The environment should be educational - that is, the user should learn something from the experience, and the experience itself should obviously benefit from being experienced in VR. The environment should be designed to fit within a museum setting and give the user a 15 minute experience. It should be highly interactive. You can assume that the museum will have someone standing by the display to help people with the equipment, but you should provide an easy way to reset the application from the beginning.

The documentation requirements remain the same as Project 2 but you should also describe how the VR display or displays fit into the museum setting. That is, what does the overall room look like? Are there other physical displays of artifacts, or videos playing that share space with the VR display? How are you going to keep the user from running into things or other people? Remember that you need to think about the flow of people through the exhibit. If you haven't been to a museum in a while then you may want to take a visit to the Field Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry and get a sense of how these kinds of spaces are laid out.

By the proposal deadline you need to email andy the location of a web page that describes the environment you want to create, in order to get approval. Everyone doing Project X will need to have a different topic for his / her exhibit. After that you will have less than one week to complete the project. The project should be turned in through git as usual. Be sure to email andy the location of your git repository before the deadline, and include the typical image of your exhibit.

Misyutina - Pompeii Marketplace


Bhatt - Apollo Moon Landing

Panthi - Gettysburgh


Pandey - Eras of Making

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