Week 5 and 6

In-class Review of Project 1

The Project 1 webpage shows all of the solutions that were turned in.

Normally we go through all the projects in class with 5 minute presentations and a Q&A session so everyone can get an idea of what other people did, how they did it, the tools they used for creating models or sounds, how others got around some issues that you had, and generally give you some extra ideas going into projects 2 and 3.

This year we will do an asynchronous version of this over the next 2 weeks. Since everyone used the same markers, each person should download 4 other unique project 1s that you think look interesting and run them yourself. (note that is 4 total over the two weeks not 4 each week). For each of the 4 applications, take a screenshot of each application running on your table / desk and write up a 1 page document (at least 500 words) on the things you liked about it. Be sure to identify who's project it is. Turn in these four pages through GradeScope.

These comments will not be used in the grading of the other students.

Note this has to be 4 other Project 1s where at least 2 of the markers produce functional widgets. You have access to people's websites and videos to make some initial decisions on the ones you want to take a look at.

last revision 9/12/2020