CS 488: Assignment 4

'Betta Defenda'

Out: 3/8/03

Due: 4/29/03 at 2:00pm

In this fourth assignment you will enhance the program you wrote in assignment 3 and experiment with some of the more advanced features of OpenGL.

This assignment will be a little different in that I'm hoping its closer to the 'real world.' I'm going to tell you what features the application should have, and some of the commands you will need, but for several of the features you will need to dig into the red OpenGL book and learn by doing.

This enhanced version adds the following to the requirements given in assignment 3:

Note that this writeup is intentionally not giving you all the details on how to go about doing all of these various things. There are several nice links on the web pages to the man pages for the various OpenGL functions, and the Red Book online, and sample code so you should do some research before you start coding on how to apply the various routines. The basic goal here is to come up with a game that is visually interesting while still being quite playable on the O2s.

Also note that while creativity is encouraged on this assignment that does not mean that you should grab textures and sounds from published sources without their permission. Creating your own textures and sounds is highly encouraged, and using public domain images and sounds are fine as long as you cite the source.

As usual your program should be well commented and be a good example of literate programming. As usual your program will be submitted electronically and you need to be sure that it compiles and runs on the SGI O2s in the CS lab. And again as usual I would also highly recommend that you understand the code you are writing - you never know when you might need to reproduce it (hint hint).