Week 5 and 6

In-class Review of Project 1

The Project 1 webpage shows all of the solutions that were turned in.

Each group should spend 6 minutes giving a good demonstration of their project.

The homework for the two weeks of presentations involves each person downloading and running two project files from the class, other than yours, that you thought were particularly good, and writing up two 1-page documents on what you really liked about them and why (interaction, lighting, sound, effect use of different scales of objects, effective use of space, interesting to walk through, etc). Your writeup should include screenshots to illustrate your point. Note that these comments are _not_ being taken into account for my grading. The purpose here is for you to actively reflect on someone else's response to the same project goals and think about other solutions. Both pages are due Friday 10/6/17 at 9pm Chicago time.

last updated 9/23/17