Week 14

Putting it all Together

Given that you have heard about the basics of VR and AR in class, and done some projects to get a better handle on the application development side of things, and recently seen a variety of current work in the area, this week the class is going to break into groups of 3 or 4 and brainstorm on creating a VR or AR experience for a particular problem, as though you were a small company trying to pitch this idea, to try and pull a lot of these ideas together.

Tuesday's class should be devoted to data gathering, coming up with the general concept for the experience, and agreeing on the technology that you propose to use. At the end of Tuesday's class your group should email andy the location of a public webpage with your current set of ideas (this can be a google doc or other shared publicly available page), a selfie taken of your team in class, and the names of all the members on your team.

Thursday's class should be devoted to refining the concepts and creating a pitch, which should take the form of a webpage containing your proposal, including sketches and drawings of what the experience would be like. Note that you will not be graded on the quality of the sketches or drawings, but they should be good enough to give the reader a good idea what you are proposing. It should include a rough setup cost and cost to run the experience, rough development timeline, how many people would be able to participate, hardware requirements (both attached to the person and remote), software and development requirements, staffing requirements, location requirements, etc.

The experience you design should be implementable on existing technology - that is if someone wanted to fund you to create this experience, you should be able to buy all of the necessary hardware off the shelf.

The topic for your experience is ...

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