Project 3

There are eight million visualizations in the naked city.
This is one of them ... 

The goal of this project is for you to make use of what you have been learning in this class in a project of your choosing (subject to Andy's approval.) If you can make use of visualization in your own research here at UIC that would be good, and I can supply a list of possible projects if you want some other ideas:

- We have temperature data from EVL for the past couple years on a room by room basis. Combining this with outside temperature data and knowledge about when various rooms are active may be interesting.

- You could collect and visualize cell-phone strength around ERF.

- You could look at wireless strength in a building like SEO where there are multiple floors and multiple access points.

- We have an eye tracking system at EVL so you could show a known piece of content (e.g. a commercial) to a group of people and track and then visualize where their attention is focused.

- We have some real salinity data in Corpus Christi Bay that we are visualizing.

- There is information on Illinois well water that might be useful to produce some underground maps at

last revision 4/5/07