Short Presentation

While the longer paper presentation is going to focus on the details of current research in implementing data visualization in a particular domain, the short presentation is designed to expose the class to current visualization work in a variety of disciplines that were not covered in class. For example, what is going on in economics, or astrophysics, or genome sequencing? Popular media is a good place to start looking, as are some of the links provided to sites with good visualization examples in the notes. The visualizations you present can be static or dynamic, computer-based, paper-based, etc, they just can't be something covered already in class, and taken as a whole they should be from a wide variety of disciplines.

By 2/14 you should pick a domain and some visualization work in that domain to present and email andy what those are so he can accept or reject your suggestion. Sending supplemental materials such as web site links can be very valuable here.

The talks will be 10 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions from the class, so clearly you wont be able to cover your chosen area in detail but you can describe the kind of data that is being visualized, the amount of data that is being visualized, who the users are, the purpose of the visualization, and what was successful about it.

You should create a web page containing an overview of your talk. You can use the webpage to give your talk instead of using powerpoint slides if you wish. The page should contain images of related visualizations and references.

You should email the location of your send web page to andy before you give your talk.

last revision 1/24/11