2006 Project 3 - What you make of it ...

Topic Due 3/17/06 at 11:59pm Chicago time

Project Due 4/17/06 at 11:59pm Chicago time

The goal of this project is to make use of GPU programming techniques (graphical or computation) in a project of your choice (subject to andy's approval.) 

Proposal phase - by 3/17 you should create a web page that describes the project that you want to do, along with any reference material that would help convince me that this is a good project.

If you are having trouble thinking of a project then you may want to take an old 'simple' videogame like breakout or lightcycles and create a really excessive version using shaders, or even an older less technological game such as battleship.

Implementation phase

Presentation phase (4/18, 4/20. 4/25, 4/27)

last revision 4/24/06