Final Exam - Fall 2013

We Are All Made of Stars

The final exam will be an enhancement to Project 2.

Project 2 took a look at using large displays to show multiple representations of the same information, but there is a very common and useful visualization tool that we did not make use of in the original project that we will now add.

You should replace a subset of the small multiples display (i.e. 4 or 8 screens worth) with a 2D graph on the walls of CAVE2 as another way of comparing the planets and systems in the database. Whatever systems are shown in the small multiples should have their planets represented in the graph, any system highlighted in the small multiples should have its planets highlighted in the graph, and our solar system should always be represented in the graph.

The graph will be a scatter plot where the user can choose the X-axis, the Y-axis, and size/color/glyph of the points displayed. Each of the points/glyphs on the scatter plot will represent a planet. The user should also be able to point at one of the planets in the graph and get additional data on it and its system. The user should be able to select a planet and have its system highlighted in the small multiples display and shown in the CAVE in 3D.

The various possible variables for the X=axis, Y-axis, and point are:
This new functionality should integrate with the required Project 2 functionality without diminishing the Project 2 functionality, aside from being able to show fewer small multiples on the walls. In particular the graph should not interfere with showing a system in 3D inside/outside the CAVE walls.

Note that you may need to go to a logarithmic scale for some of the variables

If you wish to add in some other enhancements to Project 2 that is fine, especially if functionality related to this new graph was missing in the original project 2.

As an enhancement to the enhancement you could have multiple graphs, just as you have multiple systems shown in the small multiples and choose how you dynamically want to allocate space on the CAVE walls to the various representations.

The new enhancement should work well, not just work.

By 9 pm Chicago time on Sunday 12/08 (the day before the final exam) each person should create a web page about this enhancement. You can link this page to your project 2 webpage, but please send me a direct link to the page about this enhancement.  You page should include all the usual things including a YouTube video. As usual email the location of the page to Andy along with a 320 x 240 jpg snapshot for the web.

During the final exam period (Monday 12/9 from 10:30 - 12:30)  itself each student will have 7 minutes to demonstrate your work.

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