Project 3 - I Can See Clearly Now

Due Monday 11/25 at 8:59pm Chicago time

The purpose of this project is to have you explore how you can use high-resolution large format displays in your own research.

Proposal phase - by 11/4 you should create a web page that describes the project that you want to do, along with any reference material that would help convince me that this is a good project. Tell me why high-resolution large format displays will be beneficial here and what you expect to gain. You should then email the location of that web page to andy. I will then make links to all those projects available on the class webpages so everyone can see what everyone else is doing. Once andy approves of your project you move onto the implementation phase.

To turn in your project you should set up a web page or pages describing your work, including the well-commented source code and required files to be able to compile and run your program, and some photographs showing what your application looks like when its running. You should then email andy with the location of this website before the deadline. It  would probably be a good idea to put a backup copy of the web page at a second website just in case I can't get to the first one.

You should also create a 2-3 minute YouTube video in the CAVE showing your application running and feature the video prominently on your project webpage. The video should be narrated and rehearsed to show off the important features of your project.

Remember that this site may be useful to you later on when you are looking for a job and want to show off the projects you have done.

When you send andy the location of your webpage you should also email a scaled down version of your favorite photo that is 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels tall in jpeg format named p3.<your_last_name>.jpg. This image will be used on the class web pages along with the link to your project web page.

Each student will also give a short demonstration about your project in-class and answer some questions about your work. Be sure to practice your presentation so you finish within the allotted time so everyone has equal time to present.

last revision 11/03/13