2001 Papers

first paper presentations

2/14 Shalini - The Perceptive Workbench: Toward Spontaneous and Natural Interaction in Semi-Immersive Virtual Environments - B. Leibe, T. Starner, W. Ribarsky, Z. Wartell, D. Krum, B. Singletary, and L. Hodges - Proceedings of IEEE VR2000, New Brunswick, NJ, March 2000. pp. 13-20 - pdf

Brenda - The Effects of the Interface on Navigation in Virtual Environments - B. Peterson, M. Wells, T. Furness III, E. Hunt - Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 1998 Annual Meeting - html

2/19 Javier - Constellation™: A Wide -Range Wireless Motion-Tracking System for Augmented Reality and Virtual Set Applications - E. Foxlin, M. Harrington, and G. Pfeifer, SIGGRAPH 1998. - pdf

Christopher - Walking >Walking-in-Place > Flying, in Virtual Environments - M. Usoh, K. Arthur, M. Whitton, R. Bastos, A. Steed, M. Slater, F. Brooks, Jr. - Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99, Los Angeles, CA, 1999, pp. 359-364. - pdf

2/21 Atul - Interaction between Real and Virtual Human:Playing Checkers - R. Torre, S. Balcisoy P. Fua, M. Ponder, and D. Thalmann - Eurographics Workshop on Virtual Environments, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2000 - pdf

Manjunath - inTouch: Interactive Multiresolution Modelling and 3D painting with a Haptic Interface - A. Gregory, S. Ehmann and M. Lin - IEEE Virtual Reality Conference March 2000 - html

2/26 Lawrence - Collaborative Mixed Reality - M. Billinghurst, H. Kato, Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Mixed Reality, Berlin, pp. 261-284 - html

Janet - First Steps with a Rideable Computer - R. Allison, L. Harris, M. Jenkin, G. Pintilie, F.Redlick and D. Zikovitz - Proceedings of IEEE VR2000, New Brunswick, NJ, March 2000. -html

2/28 Lance - Hands-Free Input Devices for Wearable Computers - G. Calhoun and G. McMillan - Fourth symposium on human interaction with complex systems - March 22-25, 1998 - Dayton, Ohio - pdf

Omprakash - Walking About Virtual Environments on an Infinite Floor - H. Iwata - IEEE Virtual Reality,13 - 17 March, 1999 - pdf

second paper presentations

3/19 Manjunath - Partitioning and Handling Massive Models for Interactive Collision Detection - A. Wilson, E. Larsen, D. Manocha and M. C. Lin - 1999 Eurographics conference -html (ps)

Shalini - Creating a Live Broadcast from a Virtual Environment - C. Greenhalgh, J. Bowers, G. Walker, J. Wyver, S. Benford and I. Taylor - Proceedings of Siggraph 99 - pp 375 - 384 - pdf

3/21 Javier - Sensor Spatial Distortion, Visual Latency, and Update Rate Effects on 3D Tracking in Virtual Environments - S. Ellis, B. Adelstein, S. Baumeler, G. Jense and R. Jacoby - Proceedings of the IEEE VR, 1998 - pdf

Omprakash - Hand-held Windows: Towards Effective 2D Interaction in Immersive Virtual Environments - R. Lindeman J. Sibert J. Hahn, IEEE VR 1998 -pdf

3/26 Janet - Traversable interfaces between real and virtual worlds - B. Koleva, H. Schnadelbach, S. Benford, and C. Greenhalgh - Proceedings of CHI 2000 - Hague, Netherlands, April 2000, pp.233-240 - pdf

Lawrence - Systematic Design of Interactive Illustration Techniques for User Guidance in Virtual Environments - V. Paelke - IEEE Virtual Reality 2000 Conference

3/28 Brenda - Image-Based Modeling and Spatially Immersive Displays - R. Raskar, G. Welch, M. Cutts, A. Lake, L. Stesin, and H. Fuchs - SIGGRAPH 98, Orlando, Florida, July 19-24, 1998 - pdf

Atul - Revealing the Realities of Collaborative Virtual Reality - M. Fraser, T. Glover, I. Vaghi, S. Benford, C. Greenhalgh, J. Hindmarsh, C. Heath - Third ACM Conference on Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE 2000), San Francisco, CA,September 2000 - pdf

4/2 Lance - Reality Portals - K. Akesson and K. Simsarian - VRST 99 - pdf