More on Project 2

Project 2 focuses on the creation of a immersive environment that is based off of a famous literary work. You get to choose the famous literary work, subject to Andy's approval, though I'm thinking there will be a lot of leeway here. Much like Hollywood creates film adaptions of books, or as a grade-school student you may have built a diorama based on a scene from a book, here you get to design and build an interactive virtual environment inspired by a scene from a book. You do get a certain amount of creative license here - maybe its a scene from Oliver Twist with a cast of Octopi, or Les Miserables as a first person shooter, or a Dr. Seuss story as .... well, Dr. Seuss stories are wierd enough as they are.

Where the first project was there to help you learn how to build a virtual world, here the world you build should have something interesting for the user to do. The literary source should provide the motivation for the user. Why is he/she here? What is their desire? How do they go about achieving it? There should be a story here.

This project can either be done as individuals or in groups of two or three. Groups are preferred. Groups of two or three are responsible for CLEARLY delineating each persons role in the project. Groups of n people are expected to do n times as much work as a group of one.

In this project it is expected that you will go beyond the capabilities of the sample program to create new capabilities.

The world show showcase the capabilities of head and hand tracking and the interesting forms of interaction those allow compared to a more traditional joystick / gamepad / mouse interaction. And remember that you have a total of four sensors available.

Again the project will be written in Electro.

all of the models that you use must be created by you; you can not make use of models that you find on the web. However you can make use of public domain textures and sounds.


10/19- project choice (team and topic) due - your group should send me an email listing your team members and giving me a link to a web page where there is a one page overview of the application that you want to create. I would also suggest that you create a rough timeline for the project on the web page at this point to organize your work.

11/9- project status report due - your group should add a set of storyboards (minimum of 20) to your web page along with some screen dumps showing your current progress.

11/28-  project due - by the end of the day you should have a final set of documentation on your group web site including links to the full source code and files that are used in your application.

11/29-12/06- project presentations - the class will view the final projects on the C-Wall. The presentations will be 20 minutes long.

last revision 10/20/07