Recent Papers

In the second half of the class we are going to focus on recent papers.

Each person will be presenting one paper from the last 3 years. There will be two paper presentations each day. Each presentation will last 20 minutes.

Originally the plan was to use SAGE2 on the classroom wall. We will now make use of Blackboard Collaborate.

Everyone who is not the presenter should read the paper before class each week, and write the same 2 page PDF file critiquing each paper and put it in the usual google drive location. After the talk everyone else will use SAGE to drag and drop their PDF file onto the wall have and everyone will be asked to talk more in depth about what you found in each paper

Week 12 Tuesday

Week 12 Thursday

Week 13 Tuesday

Week 13 Thursday

Week 14 Tuesday

Week 14 Thursday

latest revision 4/7/20 - fixed link to rehab paper

3/14/2020 reorganizing based on two weeks of spring break