Winter 1998 Final Exam

Near the end of my lectures we spent a couple classes having group discussions about how we would implement a couple hypothetical virtual worlds, dealing with all of the various issues that came up with those designs. This exam takes a similar form except that you are expected to do your own thinking.

Any books, notes, dictionaries, or other paper based reference material can be used. No electronic devices may be used. No psychic powers may be used.

Below are brief descriptions of two virtual worlds. You should pick ONE of them and describe how you would design it for the CAVE (which now has 4 position/orientation sensors rather than the 2 it had before). Your description should deal with issues such as the VR hardware, user interfaces, networking, visuals, audio, collaboration, education, etc. You can also suggest using any additional existing commercial hardware to augment the existing CAVE setup if they are appropriate.

You should think and organize your thoughts before you start writing. Iím looking for a thorough discussion of the design and implementation of the world and quality is more important than quantity. Feel free to use any of the reference material you brought, but if you find yourself copying text out of one of them then you are probably on the wrong track.

World #1: Soccer in the CAVE (football in the CAVE for the non-Americans in the class)

Since there are now a lot of CAVEs around the world, there are enough sites to field two or three multinational VR soccer teams. These teams would need to be able to play distributed games of soccer where each player plays from their own CAVE. This simulation should serve several purposes. It should serve as a training simulator for goalies or strikers as they prepare for this virtual world cup. It should also allow an actual game to be played with full teams and referees in a standard sized virtual playing field. The simulation should be as realistic as possible, though unrealistic options are encouraged as additional features.

World #2: Public Speaking in the CAVE

Like teleconferencing, VR adds an interesting twist to public speaking as the people you are presenting to may not even be in the same continent. A common request is for VR to realistically recreate a board meeting or other speaking venue with remote participants participating via similar VR systems. This world should recreate the ability to have such a meeting, allowing a user to present to a group of distributed colleagues (group size around 5 to 10 people) who have the ability to comment on the presentation or ask questions. The presentation materials should be similar to traditional 2D media such as overheads, slides, and video and new possibilities that VR provides. Public speaking is also one of those things that can be rather scary the first few times you do it. This system should also be useful to help people get used to giving presentations by simulating presentation conditions from a round table presentation with an overhead projector to a slide and video presentation to an auditorium including computer controlled and remote participants. This simulation should attempt to recreate the presentation setting as realistically as possible.

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