Week 2

OmegaLib and Other Tools we will be using in the course

For interacting with the CAVE2 display during our discussions we will be using SAGE2

For creating the VR worlds for the class we will be using OmegaLib

Alessandro's class notes for his tutorial on OmegaLib are here: https://github.com/uic-evl/cs528

There are several modelling packages out there from free to expensive, and easy-to-use to powerful. One that is pretty easy to use, and pretty compatible with OmegaLib, and that has a bunch of free models is Sketchup. If you know another tool and can generate compatible fbx models then its fine to use Maya or 3DStudioMax.

There are many different 3D model formats which can be mostly converted to other formats. Autodesk FBX Converter works quite well in converting different model formats to fbx format

A very good place to start looking for free models is https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com which is linked in to Sketchup, and there are several other sites such where you can buy models such as http://www.turbosquid.com

Some things to think about when creating your models:

You can use google (or your favorite search engine) to look for free public domain models and textures. jpg and png are probably the safest texture formats. Remember to write down where you took your models and textures from to credit the source in your documentation.

Its really really really important to test out your models often in OmegaLib and in the CAVE2 / Rift. Some times you need to turn on two-sided faces for all of the surfaces to show up. Sometimes the colours or textures don't make it through conversion. Often the model or total number of models is too heavy and slows the application down and you need to simplify the models.

Expect to have to make changes. Test in the CAVE2 or Rift regularly to make sure your final product will work as you expect it to.

For Thursday

We are going to focus on a few papers as a class during the course.

Before next class please read the following two papers (one short one long):

Each person should write a 1 page PDF file critiquing the papers including your name, the title of the paper, a short paragraph summary of the paper, a list of things you found interesting in the paper, and then what you think are the positives and negatives about the research.

In class on Thursday everyone will use SAGE2 to drag and drop their PDF file onto the wall and everyone will be asked to talk more in depth about what you found in the paper.

Coming Next Time

Vision and Visuals

For Tuesday please read the following paper:

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