Lecture 7

Collaboration and Immersion

Collaborative Virtual Reality

You can also scan people in and have 3D realistic, but not mobile, 'statue' avatars

Some more avatar bodies:

- one that may show where you are from

- another to make you look a bit more 'professional' - note the 'nametag' on the avatar to help identify who this is and where he/she is looking


Our experiment at Supercomputing 97

Heterogeneous Perspectives

Paper at IPT 2000

Asynchronous Work

While collaborative VR across continents is rather easy to do technologically, somebody has to stay late or come in early to collaborate synchronously with people on the other side of the planet. Sometimes asynchronous collaboration is better.

Virtual Harlem / V-Mail

For Thursday

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Coming Next Time

Current Work on the Large and Small Scale

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