Final Project

Details on the final project are available at: You can also do a project based on your own research interests, or use one of the prior years viz contest datasets if you find one that is more interesting.

The proposal is due on March 27th. It should be a publicly available web page with details on I-VI, and you should email the location to andy so he can put it on this page.

The project itself is due on April 27th. At that time you should convert your proposal into another publicly available web page that details the results of your work in those 6 categories, including screen shots and videos where appropriate. Please also send me a small representative screen capture of your visualization that I can add to this page.

The week of April 27th each group (and each person) will talk about their project in class. More details on the presentation forthcoming after we know how many projects there will be.

Luc made a local copy of the 11 gig dataset on lyra in /iridium_SSD/luc/Scivis2015/

Some links related to general astronomy and cosmology

nature article on a recent simulation
astrobiology magazine on another simulation

a couple wikipedia articles (these get very detailed very quickly)
structure formation

Some links related to the default project:

Halo World visualization

MPI Python Tutorial
more MPI examples

Each presentation will be 10 minutes long (depending on how many groups) with time for questions at the end.

Sadhasivam & Sattiraju

Nishimoto & Almryde link




Xu & Wang