Lab 10

Multiple Dynamic Elements in Ygdrasil


1.  Open the file vrml.yg that contains your VRML model with the spinner and block.

2.  Move the spinning block to Z=-10 so that the block is directly below the origin of the CAVE.

3.  Remove the spinner node and configure a timer to spin the block from 0 to 540 degrees when started.

4.  Add a wandTrigger node to start the timer when button3 is pressed.

5.  Run your scene with a user by executing:

./RUN vrml.yg User

6.  Note that this is equivalent to adding #include "User" to our file

7.  Use the same timer to simultaneously move the block from under the CAVE floor to Z=5.

8.  Place two more blocks in position to form stairs up to the block.

9.  Configure the blocks as both floor and wall so that a user can walk onto them.

10.  Place a fader node as the parent of the VRML model.

11.  Configure another timer node to fade the VRML model from 0 to 1

12.  Configure the fade timer to start after the block has stopped spinning and rising.

13.  Configure another timer to move the stairs into place after the fader has finished.