Lab 12

Changing Attributes with Timers


1.  Open your file from lab 9.

2.  Use the #include preprocessor directive to include your secret.yg file (remove any terrain model in the secret file you may have added for testing).

3.  Make the include directive a child of a transform to locate your secret code behind the house and to the left.

4.  Add a timer to the scene that will change the skycolor of your environment node from the current color to (0.8 0.15 0.15) over a duration of 10 seconds.

5.  Setup the final timer in secret.yg to start this new timer when the end event occures.

6.  Configure this new timer to move white fog from onset distance of 99.99 to an onset distance of 5 with linear onset and an opaque distance of 100.

7.  Now, place a materialProperty node as the parent of your terrain.pfb model.

8.  Configure your timer to change the diffuse color of the terrain from (1,1,1) to (1,0,0) over the duration.