Lab 8



Creating dynamics that affect multiple attributes


Start yg and but do not load a scene.


1. Create two boxes using block1.pfb, one on top of the other.


2. Create a transform that will allow you to open the box as described above.


3. Make the one of the boxes wireframe.


What happened to the other box?



4. Load the laser.pfb model and scale it so that it fits completely within the lower box.


5. Create a timer that will open the top of the box a described above:


when->changed->lidxform.orientation(0 $value 0)


6. Add additional startValues and endValues to raise the gun and rotate it as described above:


when->changed->gunxform.position(0 0 $value1)


when->changed->gunxform.orientation(0 $value2 0)


7. Chang the end value of the lid so that it goes to -270 instead of -180.


8. Set the minimums value to -180.


What changed about the dynamics?


9. Change the start value of the gun orientation to 180 instead of 0.


10. Set the maximums value to 0.


What changed about the dynamics?

Draw a graph showing time versus position for each variable.


11. Save the scene as lab8.yg