Lab 9



Using movers and the ygScene node


Start yg and load lab8.yg.


1. Add a wandTrigger node to open the box when button1 is pressed inside of the box.


2. Create a moveToNode node at the gun frame of reference and make the gun object its child


3. Create a second timer node that will dynamically set the moveToNode between 0 and 1 over a duration of 0.5 seconds


4. Create a second wandTrigger above the moveToNode that will start the mover timer when button1 is pressed


5. Configure the scene to set the volume of the second wandTrigger to from point to sphere only after the box has opened


What happens when you press button1 inside the second trigger?



6. Setup the trigger to set the node message of the moveToNode node to the ygWand node that generated the button1 event:




7. Save the scene as gun.yg


8. Delete the current scene and load lab7.yg


9. Create a ygScene node and place it somewhere in the house


10. Use the file message to load the gun.yg scene


11. Open the case and grab the gun


12. Save the current scene as lab8b.yg


13. Reload the gun.yg scene and setup a third wandTrigger node to allow you to put the gun back inside the box when button1 is pressed


Where do we have to be to put the gun back in the box?