Final Project



Brainstorming and Discussion

We will discuss your initial ideas as a class

Brainstorming sessions will be in class between Wednesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 8

Storyboards and Scene Graphs

Develop an idea for a Virtual Reality project involving the Ygdrasil Software.

Your idea should have the following qualities:

a) Develop a storyboard

Project Idea and Storyboarding will be presented to class on Wednesday, March 15

b) Create a scene graph of your project

         illustrate all interaction in your scene

o        routine interactions such as collisions with walls, walking on floors can be left out

o        repeated interactions do not require repeated scene graphs

o        models and actual positions of transforms can be left out

o        one should be able to determine the objects and their positions from the storyboard presented before

A copy of your Scene Graph is due before class on Wednesday, April 12

Final Project Presentation

Your final project should

Final Project will be presented during finals week on Thursday, May 4 between 3:30 and 5:30pm location t.b.a.