Abhinav Kapoor
    Appt. #1010 B, 903 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60607
  Email: URL:
               Ph. 312 850 9468 (R) 312 996 3002 (O)

Objective :       Seeking a full time position  working in challenging
---------            research and development environments, especially in the
                        areas of Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Internet Technologies,
                        High Performance/Distributed Computing and related areas.

Education: * MS ( Computer Science )  Aug. 1997 - Dec. 1998.
                      University of Illinois at Chicago.

                    * BE (Computer Science and Engineering) 1993 -1997
                       Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College, Allahabad, India.

* Aug. 1997 - Present : Research Assistant,
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at
Chicago, Chicago.

* Currently working as Co-Designer, Limbo II, an Object Oriented
  Framework for Distributed Virtual Reality Systems, in C++, using

* Worked on adding Collaborative abilities ( Networking ) to Cave5D,
  a tool for Real Time Collaborative Immersive Visualization of
  Environmental Data, an initiative of the Application Technology
  Team of the National Computational Science Alliance ( NCSA ).This
  research project was done using C++ and OpenGl and was shown at
  Alliance' 98 , HPDC' 98, Internet - 2, NGI conferences.

* Developed locking mechanisms for objects in a Collaborative Virtual
  Environment, to provide for object control contentions over the
  Networked Virtual Worlds.

* Developed a TeleImmersive Virtual Environment - Virtual Attrium,
  which provides a real time central tele-portation point for the
  various Collaborative Applications, shown at SuperComputing'98.
  This application was written in C++, and made use of Performer and

* Worked on adding Remote Collaborative capabilities to Virtual
  Director, a software which enables real time navigation and
  recording of the Virtual Session.

* May 1995 - July 1995 Research Intern, Dept. of Computer Science and
  Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

* Developed an Optical Character Recognition System for poorly
  printed texts. The work involved developing heuristic algorithms
  and implementing them in C, for the various kind of problems
  arising in such poor printed texts. This work resulted in 2 Prize
  winning Papers.

Computer Skills:
Programming Languages:  C++, C,Visual C++, SmallTalk, Java,
                                            Pascal, COBOL, HTML, CGI, JavaScript,
Platforms :                          SGIs , Sun Sparcs, Dec Alpha, PCs.
Operating Systems:            Irix 5/6.x, UNIX, SunOS, Solaris, NT.
Programming Libraries/APIs:OpenGl, CAVE, Performer, CAVERNSoft,
Applications:                        Rational Rose, Gview, ShowCase, AutoCad Rel. 12
Design Methodologies:         UML.
Networking Protocols:        TCP/IP. Ethernet. Multicasting.

Graduate Coursework :
  Virtual Reality
  Computer Graphics I
  Object Oriented Languages and Environments.
  User Interface and Design Principles.
  Software Engineering
  Neural Networks
  Network Operating Systems.

Significant Course Projects:
* As part of Graphics I course, I did 3 projects in OpenGL and C
  language. Though the OpenGl environment was used to draw the graphics,
  the projects were done by implementing the GL calls and APIs and not
  directly using them. This required a thorough understanding of how
  the low level OpenGl APIs are implemented, and then re-implement the set
  of OpenGL API on my own.
   * Implementation of the scan line and Bresenhams Circle Algorithms.
   * A Screen Saver, where lots of 3 dimensional objects, are flying in
     the space, and rotating about their own axis, axis of the screen, and
     an arbitraryand user specified axis.
   * Implementation of Shading Algorithms, Ray Tracing, Lighting,
     and Zbuffer algorithms.

* Designed a Distance Learning Server, written over Mnet 2.0 CORBA
  combining Asynchronous and real time Synchronous Learning
  capabilities to give one set of APIs to the Users, with features
  such as live chat, whiteboards, audio/video conferencing,
  bulletin boards etc.

* Developed a number of applications using UNIX Systems Programming
  in POSIX Standard, and C++ Language, including developing a generic
  Concurrent Database, using advisory read/write locking for multiple
  processes, with system crash recovery capabilities. Also developed
  a Script Interpretor for piped Unix commands, including job control

* Developed a test simulation in C++ to compare the performances of
  various Inter Process Communication techniques such as Message
  Queues , Shared Memory with Semaphores under various conditions,
  and the presence of multiple client processes, using POSIX APIs.

* Developed another application called "Remote Pipe" to implement a
  generic Unix 'pipe' command over different remote machines using
  System V Socket Programming APIs and C++ environment.

* Developed a Speech Recognition System, applying BackPropagation
  Neural Network, trained to recognize spoken numbers. This was
  written using C language.

* Developed a graphical browser, -- "Medical Notebook", to visualize
  graphical medical data sets over the web, using cold fusion, for
  the Department of Neurology, UIC, Chicago. The browser provided a
  vast set of tools such as magnification, rotation, editing etc of
  the images , and incorporated features such as security, remote
  editing capabilities etc.

* Developed an Object Oriented Grocery Planner System, implemented in
  C++ and in SmallTalk.

* Won First Prize for the paper titled : "Algorithms for Segmentation
  of a Textual Image into Lines and Characters ", at the All India
  Student Paper Presentation INFLUX'96, jointly organized by IEEE
  Student Branch and Roorkee University.

* Awarded Second Prize for the paper " Segmentation for Multiple Text
  Recognition", at the All India Student Symposium held at Institute
  of Technology, BHU at CADENCE PROBE '96.

* Dean's Merit Scholarship for undergraduate program in Computer

Research Demonstrations/Activities :
* Research Demonstrations at SuperComputing'98 titled "Exploring
  CAVERNSoft TeleImmersive Collaboratories at SuperComputing 98"  at
  the I-GRID / NLANR / Alliance Booths.

* Research Demonstrations at IEEE International Symposium on High
  Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-98), and at Alliance'98,
  NCSA, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaigne on the ongoing
  research in Collaborative Virtual Reality.

* Participated in several Remote Collaborative Demonstrations,
  including the Internet2, Next Generation Internet (NGI).

* Student Volunteer at Alliance'98, ISEA 97:Virtual Spaces,
  Siggraph'98, and at SuperComputing'97 for the Multiway
  Collaborative Demonstration.

Publications :
* Park, K., Kapoor, A., Leigh, J., "Lessons Learned from Employing
   Multiple Perspectives In a Collaborative Virtual Environment for
   Visualizing Scientific Data", in the Proceedings of ACM CVE 2000,
    San Francisco CA, September 10-12, 2000.

* Park, K., Kapoor, A., Scharver, C., Leigh, J., " Exploiting Multiple
    Perspectives in Tele-Immersion, in the Proceedings of IPT 2000: Immersive
    Projection Technology Workshop, Ames IA, June 19-20, 2000, CD-ROM

* Wheless, G., Lascara C., Leigh, J., Kapoor, A., Johnson, A.,
  Defanti, T.  "Cave6D : A Tool for Collaborative Immersive
  Visualization of Environmental Data." To appear in the Proceedings
  of IEEE Visualisation '98.

* Leigh, J., Johnson, A., DeFanti, T., Kapoor, A. et al.," A Review of
  Tele-Immersive Applications in the CAVE Research Network" Proceedings of IEEE
  VR99, Houston TX, March 13-17, 1999

* Lascara, C., Wheless, G., Cox, D., Patterson, R., Levy, S., Johnson, A., Leigh
  J., Kapoor, A. TeleImmersive Virtual Environments for Collaborative Knowledge
  Discovery to appear in the proceedings of the Advanced Simulation Technologies
  Conference '99 San Diego CA, April 11-15, 1999

* Kapoor, A., Kahol, A., Karnick, H.. "Algorithms for Segmentation of
  a Textual Image into Lines and Characters " presented at INFLUX'96
  at Roorkee University, Roorkee, India.

* Kahol, A, Kapoor, A., "Segmentation for Multiple Text Recognition,
  " presented at the All India Student Symposium, PROBE'96 at
  Institute of Technology, BHU, India.


Dr. Jason Leigh, Senior Scientist, Electronic Visualization Laboratory.
Ph. 312 996 3002

Dr. Andrew E. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Electronic Visualization
Ph. 312 996 3002.