A Scare


Three Acts

Act One

I was just in New York for the day, for a job interview. To kill time before my plane home, I decided to wander in Central Park but I got lost and turned around on the little curving paths that contrast so much with the grid system of the city.

I was flustered to find myself an unwanted presence in the Rambles (a famous cruising spot for gay men)and rushed to get away. Immediately after that I was held up at gunpoint.

My reaction was a kind of blankness and denial mixed with the embarrassment of being caught in another naive cliche. It was 4:00 pm. It was summer. It was sunny. I was on a road, not far from the theatre where they do Shakespeare in the park, although I didn't know that at the time. Two or three cars had just gone by, but now as I looked around (hoping to see someone who could help me or hoping no-one was watching this clumsy charade - I'm not sure which), there was no-one in sight.

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