I know you're looking at Sally.
She looked like Farrah Fawcet Major
with red hair.

She is elegant standing there
in the back row, laughing.

Jorge, who I fancied, who is small and wiry with a bony face and large moustache, is half turned, he must be laughing at something she said.

Sally is the other teacher at the school where I am working. She studied Spanish at university and lived in Portugal for a while. So she can already speak Spanish. I try not to be a burden to her - I am a burden and a bore, a dumb doggy. She is glamorous and competent. I like her because she is sharp, she is my flatmate, she is a feminist - although of that sort that thinks women can run rings around men, are much stronger etc. etc. which is not my yearning for parity and deep friendship sort.

I am also envious of her. She is one of those women who are noticed. I have always been equivocal about that. I can be noticed if I put my mind to it, but sometimes the pressure of being looked at is too much for me, so much of the time I retreat from that position. But I don't retreat gracefully, instead I begrudge those that seem to stay so easily in the limelight, that spot. I want them to come out of it too.

It's hard for me here. Thrown into (I suppose technically I jumped into) a language I don't understand. Deprived of speech, I can't take the limelight and relinquish it back to others easily, ebb and flow, ungendered. Instead I either have to compete in terms of attractiveness, which is so reductive and so difficult, or accept that I'm only in the limelight as buffoon. I am dunked in my gracelessness and juxtaposed against the gracefulness of others. In short, thorns rips my flesh.

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