I will tell you this:

Halley is a Jewish woman. She claims a medical disability because of psychological problems. She has written a book, a well-reasoned feminist book. She is strong, she is aggressive, but the world, her internal demons, her chemical make-up, have pounded her into disarray - and she is here with us, trying to remake herself.

And I will tell you that:

Laeila was a runaway, then a prostitute. She wore wigs and strutted on street corners and patted Johns down to see if they were armed before "dating" them. Sometimes she worked with a gang of other women. While one of them took the John upstairs, the others would rob his car. Laeila got off the game because her son was being picked on at school - you're momma's a ho. And now she is here with us.

The meeting ends with criticism and self-criticism. Laeila and Halley hug and thank each other for their insights. Then there are announcements - Professor May Gazardi is going to give a talk based on the latest research for her book on the working class lesbians who frequented bars in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

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