CS526: Weather Viz (Project 3)

  1. Application Features
  2. Screenshots
  4. Building the Application
Application Features:
    This application visualized data from the ICN Warm website.  The specific weather attributes visualized are:
    The data is shown as 2D images in a multiple window system.  If the user decides to look at a different attribute of
    data for a different date, the user can modify the settings in the main GUI and click on the "New Viz Window"
    button.  This will create a visual of the settings "on demand."  

    None of the data is preprocessed upon execution.  When a user demands to view a weather attribute, the application
    creates the 2D image of the data.  The image data maps interpolated/extrapolated data values to a color value.  If the
    user wants to look a one week visualization of a weather attribute, the user must have the "1 Week Time Lapse"
    checkbutton turned "ON."

    When a one week time lapse visualization is requested, the application creates upto seven images of interpolated data.
    After the images are created, the images are animated in a "flip-book" style, at a rate of 2 frames per second.

    Each visualization has a scale bar that shows the ranges of colors.  Below each scale bar is text describing the minimum
    and maximum values of that attribute on that day, and the units of measure.  Below each visualization image is
    text that displays the date being visualized.  When animating, the text informing the date will be changed to the date
    currently being shown.


    Here you can see the main GUI.  At the bottom is a "Pause/Play" button to toggle the playing of all the animations on
    and off.


    Here is an example visualization.  The data being visualized is the average wind direction for the date 6/11/2003.  The
    image also has a colormapping of the average wind speed.  To the right you can see the scale and at the bottom
    are the text for displaying the date and the range of values.


    Here are three images of an animation of total precipitation for 6/11/2003 to 6/13/2003.

sc5 sc3 sc1


    Source Code:     download
    Data :                 download

Building the Application
  1. To build the application, make sure you have CMake, VTK and FLTK installed.
  2. Open up the CMakeLists.txt file and edit the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES( /home/usr/arun/local/include ) to your local "include" directory.
  3. Run "ccmake CMakeLists.txt"
  4. Press 'c' to configure CMake and then type 'g' to generate the makefile   
  5. Type "make" on the command line.
  6. Run the application "IllinoisWeather"