Random Code:

Here is some MAL assembly code (MIPS RISC architecture) to do vector operations: vector ops.

Here is some sample code on how to make simple threads and control critical section problems in windows: thread.cpp

Games (and Game Source)

To play the Java games you will need to have this installed: Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1. Choose the appropriate download, most of you will be choosing the first one, under the JRE column and then choose "Accept" and then download the file. It is approximately 7 MB. Install the runtime environment and you'll have the newest runtime environment in Java, so you can be sure that you can run any Java program out there right now.

To play any DarkBasic games you will need to make sure that you have DirectX 9 Runtime installed on your machine.Download DirectX 9 Here!

Game Download File(s) What I learned
Arun's Army

Sorry... ArunsArmy is down for now

Here is the source code if you would like to look at it ArunsArmy.java.

The game is basically a turn-based army strategy game. What I learned was how to organize objects in a game into respective classes and use inheritance to make life a little easier. I used my automata knowledge and used gamestates to help control the game and determine what actions are allowable, not allowable and so forth. I also learned that user interfaces work on an event-based system, which makes sense since nothing should be done until the user clicks on something. I also learned a lot of technical things about Java, obviously. I will try to update it with possibly more units, like air transports, and other things like hot keys for actions, if time permits.
Asteroidz! winAsteroid.

I apologize for not adding a Readme with the package. Here is a Readme.txt file for you to look at.

The source code will be made available soon. When it is ready for download click here.

Here is my first full OpenGL game. It is Asteroids, kinda =). In this I learned how to do matrix transformations efficiently in 2D by writing my own transformation code to move the ship. I used OpenGL calls to transform the asteriods. I learned to use simple object hierarchies to organize the game. One cool thing I learned to use was how to display text using GLUT, which I find useful in letting the user know how they are doing in the game. Collision detection was done using the average radius of an object. Other technical skills acquired: basics of how to use OpenGL, basics of how to use GLUT.
Defenda DEFENDA!!!.

UPDATE: Here is the source code for the defenda game. source code.

Source code will be made available soon. I have to wait 5 days after the assignment is due, incase someone wants to cheat! Aside from the fact that I still need to add in a feature or two before turning it in. Here is the Java documentation for the source code.

Got a new assignment folks! This time in 3D! This is a building blocks for the game "Defenda." It's supposed to be similar to the 80's game "Defender."

Now onto what I learned:

I obviously learned how things work in 3D, at least the basics! I determined a cool and efficient way of doing collision detection, which is explained in the Readme file that comes with the program. I learned how to move in 3D, and how the camera system works with the VRP, PRP and VUP system. I am using diffuse lighting, so I had to figure out how to make things look smooth by finding all the normals to every vertex used to make the land. I figured out how to do texture mapping with raw data, eventually BMP files will be used. I'm still working on the artistic details of the textures but that's not hard. Fog is in place, it needs to be fiddled with but it's there. Have fun, and there will be a read me file!

An update will be posted as the assignment continues its evolution.

Here are some tumbnails, click for a bigger picture:

Day and Night
  You can go to an archive of my groups website here.

This is a demo game, intended to be a remake of Archon from the NES, but brought into 3D.  I worked on :

  • Gameplay & Coding
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Audio