Isosurface Generation Using VTK







2.   Using Python and Tkinter


Python is a good language to use for VTK because it has a lot of features including garbage collection.  If the GUI is not going to be that complicated, Tkinter will be acceptable to use.  In general, it would be easier to utilize the functionality of a modern GUI such as that with wxPython.  However, this requires getting a more recent version of Python that works with a recent version of wxPython.  Then, it may be necessary to compile VTK from source using CMake and your Python installation instead of using the Python and VTK binary distribution found on the CD with the textbook.


This section will describe Python in general and how a programmer should structure the code to use VTK effectively.  Additionally, there will also be information on how to use Tkinter, which essentially is Tk for Python, to create your own user interface.




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