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3.1.1. vtkImageReader


The data that you use for projects will be in some data format that a VTK class should be able to handle without too much of a problem as is the case with this tutorial.  In other cases that you will face in the future, you will have to preprocess the data with your own classes and then feed the data to VTK. 


When reading data from a file that is already in some sort of image format or has some related graphical format with a regular ordering of data, one can use vtkImageReader.  vtkImageReader is a simpler class to use than vtkImageReader because there is less configuration involved, and it actually should be faster.


This is not the only reader available to load images into VTK.  In fact, there are some other popular graphics formats supported by VTK that include JPEG and Windows bitmaps.  The names of these files are, respectively, vtkJPEGReader and vtkBMPReader.  Additionally, when the data file is not an image, your code can use a reader such as vtkSturcuturedGridReader when points adhere to the structured grid topology.



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