Isosurface Generation using VTK




VTK Basics vtkPolyDataMapper Functions

In order to successfully translate polygonal data to library-specific graphics primitives, the following functions must be used to configure the object:


  • void SetInput( vtkPolyData * in )

     This function will ultimately terminate the VTK pipeline for a particular object visualization, but, before that, it is necessary to obtain the input from the last stage of the pipeline. The output originated from either vtkContourFilter or vtkMarchingCubes is already in the form of vtkPolyData.


  • void ScalarVisibilityOff()

        The above function will prevent scalars from influencing the appearance of the isosurface, mostly with respect to color. In a later section, information will be provided that describes how to change the visible appearance of the isosurface. An opposite function appropriately named ScalarVisibilityOn() allows scalar values to influence the color and appearance of the visualization.



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