Isosurface Generation using VTK




VTK Basics



3.4.1. vtkActor / vtkLODActor


vtkActor is the object that serves as a place holder for objects that must be rendered.  These objects can accept as input objects of type vtkPolyDataMapper in addition to another mapper objects.  These objects simply are passed to the renderer “as is” without any consideration for what other objects might belong to the same renderer.  vtkLODActor is different because it accounts for the load of the renderer and consequentially chooses how much detail of its object to pass to the renderer.


Besides what these VTK objects take as input and what they do, there is another important feature that must be considered in order to customize the look for each object.  Any vtkActor and vtkLODActor has the ability to get an object called vtkProperty that allows its visual appearance to be set.  Some of these properties include opacity, color, and location.  With these functions, each actor manages the look of the object being rendered.



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