Isosurface Generation using VTK




VTK Basics vtkRenderWindow Functions

Below are the functions used to configure the vtkRenderWindow object:


  • void AddRenderer( vtkRenderer * )

     This function will add a renderer to the render window. Conversely, there is another function named RemoveRenderer( vtkRenderer * ) that will remove the renderer from the rendering window. Without performing this function, none of the actors added to the renderer will appear on the screen (at least as far as the author understands this process).


  • void PolygonSmoothingOn()

     In order to make things look nicer, and if it is possible to expend the extra rendering time, call this function to smooth the polygons. Please note, this function must be called before the first Render()function call is made.


  • void Render()

        Without this function, nothing would update. As a result, as soon as a render is added, all objects emptying the pipeline data into the rendering window should be updated by calling Render(). Whenever any changes are made to the pipeline, it is absolutely crucial to call this function; otherwise, nothing will update until the user manipulates the world using the mouse or keyboard.



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