Isosurface Generation using VTK







5. Running the Application & Conclusion


To run the application, make sure that the Visible Woman dataset is in the directory where the Python code resides.  Run the Python program in a manner that you would usually run your other Python programs.  Once the program is run, a main window will appear in addition to two other windows (which are acting as dialog boxes).  The File menu contains the option to exit the program.  The Visualization menu allows the user to choose which volume of interest to view— head or feet.  The Options menu will restore the dialog windows so that they appear on the screen.  The Options menu named Dataset Properties will allow the user to select an isosurface and change its color and opacity.  The Options menu named Global Level of Detail will allow the user to resample the dataset so that it has a fraction of its original resolution.  Interacting with the program is just like running past VTK programs.  To avoid having the constant motion when clicking, press the ‘t’ key on the keyboard, and then only when the mouse moves will the models move.  A complete version of the code can be found here.


Hopefully, this tutorial has been informative and provides you with the needed knowledge to begin using VTK with Python.  Thanks for reading and good luck with your work!



Allan Spale




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